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Testing for Oracle Applications code


Can Code tester be used for testing PL/SQL code in Oracle Applications environment. If yes, then what approach can be followed for testing since most of the parameters in Oracle Apps are initialized on the basis of Profile Values, setup options etc. Also the dependencies of API’s with each other is very high.



We do not have any sorts of special extensions to Code Tester to support Oracle apps testing.

I expect that defining the correct setup steps for such a test will be tricky and extensive. I would be happy to help you with specific questions in this regard.

For example, it sounds like you need to define some Profile Values (I don’t really know what these are, sorry) before your program runs. If you tell me what these are for and how they are set, I can make some suggestions.

Regards, SF



I assume that you’ve written some PL/SQL code that calls one or more Oracle E-Business Suite APIs?

Any PL/SQL code can be tested through QCTO. If you have PL/SQL codethat correctly initializes the session such that it can be used withOracle E-Business Suite APIs you would need to ensure that this initialization code is called beforethe test code calls your code. This can be accomplished by calling the initialization at different levels, eg by adding it to the following customization “points” in QCTO (accessible through the Customizations tab in Test Editor when the Test Definition or Unit Test is selected):

  1. Initialization for all unit tests
  2. Initialization for this unit test

Hope this helps.

Best regards

Finn Ellebaek Nielsen