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Testing grants and revokes


I am having some trouble getting a test to work. I have a package called grantschemaacceess that contains two procs of interest here. One grants access to all objects in a schema to another user and one revokes the same privs. I have setup tests to check the data dictionary if the grants have been granted or revoked. The tests are working fine for the grant but the revoke procedure test is failing. It looks like it is still seeing the grant that occures form the testing of the grant procedure. Doing my own tests I seem to think the program code is working but the test code is not. Can you help me see what is going on here. I will upload the program code and my tests.


PS. Other than this issue I am absolutly loving this tool! (52.1 KB)



I am currently on the road, but will take a look at this on Dec 5 and hopefully report my findings soon.

Glad you like Code Tester!



Thanks! I hope you will look at this. I am anxious to see how to handle this, what I am doing wrong.


Thanks for the nudge. Hope to get to this soon.