Text Editor Cursor

Five days ago I upgraded from v2.1 to v2.7.0.348 of TDA. Is there a way to change the mouse icon in the editor? It is an arrow, not a I - which is not a huge deal, but it does make selecting text a bit more difficult.

I don’t see an arrow in the editor. I have an I. Can you post screen shot. I can see where that would be difficult to select.


Here you go. A colleague here also updated to from 2.6 and also has the arrow cursor in the text editor. I did not migrate settings when updating, and he did.

I didn’t have this issue at first but I made some changes and now have reproduced this. I created CR 79,653 for this issue. I haven’t found any configuration changes that could be used to fix it. I plan to look into this a bit closer. If I find a work around I will let you know.