Text in Create Materialized View Wizard Truncated

I just updated to 16.2.85 to verify the issue was not addresses. I noticed it in the previous beta 16.2.77. In the Create MV Wizard screens it appears the labels associated with various options had a specific width defined instead of dynamically accommodating the Label Text. I assume with the new font being used for the GUI, these issues could be in any of the Wizards. Here is an example:

There is also an issue with at least one label on the Refresh, Physical Attributes, and In Memory screens. I went through all the settings that mention font and everything related to the GUI seems to be set to the default Segoe UI size 9. I wanted to make sure I did not change the Font and cause the issue.

Hi Michael,

You didn't do anything that caused it. It was caused by the font changes in Toad. I fixed a lot of these but figured there would be some I missed.

Thanks for reporting it. I'll have it fixed for Monday's beta. Let me know if you find any others.