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The 5.5 beta program has ended.


…well, almost. You can still download the latest beta build until SQL Navigator 5.5 is officially released next week. And, we’d LOVE to keep getting your input as this is what helps us make Nav better! However, anything you share with us now will be slated for inclusion in the next release of Nav (and the next beta, of course).

As for the beta program in general, expect to see a new beta program start up sometime in early October. We’re taking the next few weeks to “retool” and get a few things ready for what we hope will be the beginnings of another great release.

Stay tuned for more info. If you want to be notified when the next beta begins, watch the Community or subscribe to the Community Blog RSS feed (

Thanks to all!

Daniel Norwood
Quest Software, Inc
Product Manager


Thanks for great work, dear sqlnav Team, don’t stop on 5.5 version!
I think, see you soon in 6.0 Beta Program !!!