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The new Profile Manager - Any feedback from Nav beta customers please?


‘A Profile Manager lets you backup and restore your SQL Navigator user preferences for each version. This function can be accessed via the Start menu.’

How good/useful is the Profile Manager? Does it make easier for you to manage your SQL Nav profiles, user preferences and settings in your team and working environment? Any enhancement would you like to request? We would love to hear from you.



Helpfull tool!! Easy profile migration! Maybe some customization options will extend functionality …
Nice Job!


Piortek, you mention “Maybe some customization options will extend functionality” - what did you have in mind?


Writing about profile I meant , for example settings of preferences in sqlnav, and customization of groups of preferences.


Hi piortek,

Thank you very much for your feedback. This is very good idea indeed. We will definitely look into your request and make it in a future build.

SQL Navigator is getting Better Because of You as always.



I guess this is related to the new Project Manager thing…
I’ve installed 5.5 Beta 1 few weeks ago and updated it to Beta 3 last week. The very obvious and very annoying change is that every time I start SQL Navigator it automatically opens a bunch of connections to different databases, etc.
The problem is that I work with multiple instances of SQL Navigator and I definitely do not want the saved profile to be affected by the order I close SQLNav windows.
Since there’s no any prompt that a profile is going to be saved and there’s no visible way to turn off this functuionality, I find this automatic saving and restoring very frustrating.


Hi ashmelev,

There is a user preference to turn off this behaviour.

If you uncheck the “Reopen active windows” option in the Startup section of the User Interface Preferences, then SQL Navigator will not automatically reopen any active sessions or windows.




Hi Alexey,

Following with Tim’s reply to you. There is a preference to control this behaviour (Reopen active window; option in the Startup section of the User Interface Preferences). Would you like to see it set by Default to OFF, ie do not restore the layout…
I am thinking of the leave it ON by default and put in a tips window to inform our Nav users about this new preference, so if users would not want to restore, they can change the preference accordingly. This restore layout is a request which many Users have asked for and we would like it more visible to Nav users.
Please let us know which option would you prefer.

Thank you very much for your feedback.



I think information in tip will be better. Maybe some information triggered on close sqlnav will be helpfull too, something like : You have active option … etc. , session will be restored at next run … etc.
Of course with “don’t show again…” option. :wink:


Thanks piortek.

Message displayed on Close Nav is definitely good idea, we will take into account for the next build, of course with ‘do not show again’ .



I agree - displaying the message when closing the application is the way to go. Thanks Piter.


Hi ashmelev & piortek,

Tim K has made changes to display a pop up window with info about the new preference (if the retored active window option is on), you would have the option not to restore for the current conx at the time. You would be able to change the option off permanently through the View-Preference menu.

The changes will be included in the next Beta build to be released in a few days. Please let us know if you are happy with the changes.

Thank you again for your assitance and feedback.




I just installed and started using beta 4. Saving all open windows and connections is nice, but I think a dialog box should be presented before loading everything. I know you can turn it off, but I don’t want to turn it off, but I also don’t want it all loaded everytime I open SqlNav. I would like to have a choice.

It might be nice to have a recall to go back to previous sessions, similar to Statement Recall.



Hi Charlie,

Thank you very much for your feedback on the Project Manager and the added functionalities restoring the active windows at startup & conx. It is very nice to hear that you like that feature

We just would like to clarify on your feedbacks, it would be much appreciated if you can provide us more details:

  • In Beta 4 build, we currently have a popup dialog displayed at startup to give you the option to restore active windows or not (as requested by ashmelev & piortek) plus the an option in the Preference to permanently turn it off. Would that meet your requirement or needs? Can you please give us more info on your use cases.
  • Argee with you on Recall to go back to previous sessions, it is definitely nice thought. However, you currently have the option to add history connection details to the project manager which will keep/save details of history connections for you. We will be happy to hear more on you on this. Please let us if the saved connection details in Project Manager is not adequately enough and any enhancement you would like to make.

We are all looking forward to receiving more feedback from you.

Best regards,


Then I think there is something wrong with my setup. When I open SQLNav 5.5 beta4, it goes straight to my previously opened connection(s). There is not a prompt for anything. Also, it does not save my SQL Editor windows, just the connections. Maybe I have accidently turned something off??

The connection history was not exactly what I was talking about. It is the SQL Editor windows that were used along with that connection. I may be working on a project with 5 SQL editor windows opened. Then I need to close that project and go on to something else. Then I would like to return to that project (all 5 SQL editor windows).



Hi Charlie,

You should see the popup window as attached. You might have turned off by accident.

To see this window again, please remove the following registry entry:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 5.5.0 Beta\Confirmation\Confirm_Reopen_Windows_At_Startup.

SQL Nav 5.5 currently only restores SQL Editor when loading from saved script file, ie. if you have not saved the script in your SQLEditors yet, they won’t be restored. We will take your feedback into consideration and extend support in post 5.5 release to give you the ability to restore all SQL Editors (for both loading from script file or new sql script).

Thanks and regards,


It is the SQL Editor windows that I don’t have saved are the ones I want to keep. If they are saved queries, it is easy to get them back. It is the ad hoc queries I create that I want to be able to restore the next day. I may have 10+ SQL Editor windows open with queries that I write when trying to track down a problem or something. Thanks for trying to get it in.



Thanks for sharing with us your workflow/use cases here. We have overlooked the support for the SQL Editor ad hoc queries use cases when we did the implementation . This is one very good example where your input will shape up the product features and functionalies. We will definitely get this in for you in a future build soon.