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The response Time in Results Summary Graph is different from Realtime Detail Graph?


I have a question about TEST RESULT of DELL BMF

After complete Benchmark Test { **Artificial Test for Desired Effect ** => Base on user selection of one or more hardware stressing focal point」}

I can get the test result from “Run Reports”,
I found the response Time(msec) in Results Summary Graph (from:Run Reports => Results Summary) is differently from Realtime Detail Graph (from:Run Reports => More Graphs => Realtime Detail Graph)

Under User Userload 100
In the Results Summary Graph: the Avg.Response Time is 225.839 (sec) as follow Graph



In the Realtime Detail Graph: the Avg.Response Time in the range from 192 to 603285 (msec) as follow Graph




I tried to the sum of range from 192 to 603285 (Realtime Detail Graph of response time), and then sum(192 to 603285) divided by count(192 to 603285),

the result of value (convert form msec to sec) still have a huge differently with (Results Summary Graph)

What is the difference of the (Avg.Response Time) between “Results Summary Graph” and “Realtime Detail Graph” ?