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There is any SQL Navigator version for Oracle 11g Client over Windows 7 x64


There is any SQL Navigator (final or beta) version for Oracle 11g Client over Windows 7 x64 edittion or Windows Vista x64 edittion?
I’ve installed Windows 7 (beta) x64 edittion and I’ve changed the Oracle 11g installer cliente pre-requisites in order to accept this environment for install it and I’m able now to connect using SQLPLUS (Oracle) or SQL Developer (Oracle) to any 9i, 10g or 11g database.
I’ve installed SQL Navigator 6.1 and SQL Nav. 6.2 (last Beta available), but the error message is always the same. Unhandled Exception at startup - Cannot load OCI DLL: oci.dll
Report the problem to Quest Support. Application will be terminated (some memory loss is possible) when you press OK.
Access violation at address 04EA2C84 in module ‘sqlnavigator.exe’. Read of address 00000000


Hi Murray,

As of now, we’re not support Windows 7 even in SQL Navigator 6.2. However, I think the issue is with the 64 bit machine. Please have a look at the release note and look for ‘64bit Support’. The work-around would be to install SQL Navigator into a different folder than the default one which contains ‘()’.

Hope this helps,



If it’s any help, I’ve installed SqlNav 6.2 on a Windows XP 64-bit machine, and it runs like a charm.

I needed to install it in a non-default folder, though, as Gwen explains (I’ve used c:\OracleStuff\Quest Software\Sql Navigator for Oracle…).