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Things I do not like the version 6


When logged in the DB Navigator doesn’t appear automatically (like in previous versions) and I could not find a way in preferences to get that behavior.

In difference Viewer we have a new bunch of options …but the one I wanted …edit DB object (in the DB editor) not like a script doesn’t exists.


It seems that drag-drop packages (etc…) between schemas is not possible any more :frowning:

Filipe Silva


Hi Filipe,

We will look into these issues and will get back to you soon.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Filipe ,

You can get the Db navigator by pressing F12 button.It is the shortcut for Db Nav tree.



Hi Filipe,

Unfortunately, the drag and drop between schemas and between two different sessions is not working in the beta build.

We will log a change request and will be fixed in a future Beta build.



Hi filipe,

Sorry, I miss read the post. I agree with you, we are not launching the Db navigator any more with the session connection because as soon as the connection to Database is established, we are launching the Unified Editor and the Unified Editor has got a DB Explorer tree.

The Db explorer has most of the features and functionality of old Db navigator tree. So it is like a new work flow, where you will be having a Db explorer tree attached to a single editor.

We are trying to bring more and more functionality of the old DB navigator to the Db Explorer. Please let us know how you feel about this new work flow.

You can still launch old db navigator by using F12.



Hi Filipe,
I logged enhancement request on your behalf for Difference Viewer ability to edit DB objects.

There is a sort of workaround possible:

  • open package (form any side of Difference Viewer) in SQL Editor - there is an icon on toolbar,
  • modify code and run it in SQL Editor,

I hope this will help



Similarly, ER was raised for this issue of drag and droppping packages between schemas.