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Things I like in JDeveloper that I would like to see in SQL Nav,


Things I like in JDeveloper that I would like to see in SQL Navigator:

  • bookmarks in code to stay after I close the package and even between sessions
  • marking a TODO using – TODO will get a special color and a special color bookmark :slight_smile:
  • cnt-Y key to redo the undo (at least to have an option to have that key to do that and not to delete the line :frowning: )
  • Home key goes to the first char on the line (that is not tab or space) when you are not already in that position …if you are goes to the beggining of the line

Filipe Silva


I have to completely agree with Filipe and if it isn’t possible to make CTRL+Y the redo shortcut (like the rest of the world) it would be nice to be able to configure the shortcuts to whatever we like and not only the Code Shortcuts.

Rui Pena.


Hi guys,

Except for the last request, all have been logged. If we accept this request, it may upset other users. I even tried it with Microsoft word and the Home key behaves the same as Nav.




A last comment: Word is not a code editor tool so maybe its not the best to compare with…
When Editing code to go to the beginning of the line is not really useful :frowning:
Anyone even also think this?


I have checked 3 different editors I use for coding Oracle Forms, TextPad and Microsoft Visual Studio. In all 3 the first time you press home it puts you at the first character of the line and the second home press takes you to the first position of the line (the very beginning). I also tried Nav 5.5 and this works the same in 6.x and 5.x. My preference would be to work like the other editors. But is it critical. Nope.



In Forms4.5 the “Home” key brings you tot the first position of the line.
In Forms6, it brings you to the first alphanumeric character of the line, the second time you press it brings you tot the first position of the line.

It would seem “progress” (presumably also in the area of usability) is in the direction of the “Home” key bringing one to the first character.

With code editors like SqlNav becoming more and more “aware” of programming style (indenting, closing brackets,…), this is probably the most efficient/optimal behavio(u)r.

Summarizing, I’d prefer the “first character” approach.
And for me, it is also not critical.


Hi guys,

You’re right. I have raised a request for this but it will have fairly low priority.