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This month's iPod winner!


I’m pleased to announce that this month’s iPod winner is Charlie Wancio! Charlie has been a huge addition to the SQL Navigator beta program - SQL Navigator is Better Because of YOU, Charlie! I hope you enjoy your hard earned iPod.

Also, we’re breaking from the plan and recognizing Piter’s outstanding contributions to the beta program (for a second month in a row) by giving him an iPod as well. Piter, thank you!

Thanks to everyone that participated in the beta in July. We’re all eagerly awaiting the official SQL Navigator 5.5 release next month. Your feedback has contributed to the overall quality of SQL Navigator and to the usability and functionality to a large degree!

There’s one more iPod left to win…

It’s great to be working with you all!



Thank you very much!

It’s great to give feedback to people that actually listen! This is a great product that helps me with my job on a daily basis and I’m glad to help contribute to its on-going evolution.



Three cheers for Charlie…
hip hip hooray… hip hip hooray… hip hip hooray!!!




Hi Piter & Charlie,

Congratulation to both of you.

We are all appreciated for your feedback and contributions to our product and the Community.

Enjoy and have a lot of fun with the iPod .