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Thoughts on the OTP


I wanted to make a separate thread for this post since there are a few other ideas involved with this.

First off. This is exactly what I was looking for when I had put in the suggestion to be able to have special generation scripts for just stored procedures, just drop processes, and the like. You had mentioned that OTP was used elsewhere in the application, but I haven’t needed/found it yet.

I know this is the first round of having OTP in the application, so I know you are working on updates and the like, but I am slightly confused at how the entire model/process works. After a little playing around, I figured out that the following icons function as follows:

First Icon (Save to External Selected OTP Storage): Save check boxes into profile listed in drop down.
Second Icon (Save to Model): Retrieve options from profile selected into check boxes.
Third Icon (Save the new Selected Properties): Save check boxes into a new profile.
Fourth Icon (Remove the Selected OTP): Delete current profile.
Fifth Icon (Set as Default): Set current check box options as default.

First, some of these icons are confusing, especially the first couple. The terminology should be simplified (Load Profile, Save Profile, Save to New Profile), etc. In addition, unless I know what this new OTP thing is about. Simply having a “Selection” label next to the list of profiles is confusing. Changing this label to “OTP Profile” or “Select Generation Profile” or something related would help. That way I recognize that I have some options for the wide range of check boxes I’m working with.

Second, typically when a new profile is selected, the check box options are immediately loaded from the profile. Instead, I have to click the “Save to Model” button in order to get the check box options. I believe this was the first point of confusion in interacting with this.

Once I’ve loaded a new profile to my model, I notice that the Save icon with the OTP options is visible, in addition to the Save Settings button down at the bottom of the page. What happens if I click the save settings icon? Does the profile generation settings stay with the model or the application? I think there may be some confusion with this.

If I had a recommendation on how to improve all of this, I would recommend the following.

  1. Remove the “Save to Model” icon. When a profile is selected from the drop down list, immediately have those settings displayed in the checkboxes.

  2. Rename the “Save to External Selected OTP Storage” icon to “Load Profile”

  3. Rename the “Save the new Selected Properties” icon to “Save Profile”

  4. Rename the “Remove the Selected OTP” icon to “Remove Profile”

From there, I think a lot of confusion will be cleared up and you can interact with the profiles a more efficient manner.

Again, this is in regards to the Generate Script section, I would have to see how the general concept of OTP applies to the rest of the application (if at all) to see how some of these suggestions would conflict.

All in all, this feature is AN IMMENSE help and I love it!


Hello Dillie-O,

Thanks very much for your great feedback.
Sorry for my late reply, however we were discussing your suggestions and finally made a few localization changes.
Please find attached a text contained the Help file that is being updated at the moment for v. 3.1. Here, you can also find information on the difference between Save OTP and Save Settings in the DDL Script Generation dialog. (I hope it’s readable.)

Localization changes we made:
1st icon - Save Selection
2nd icon - Load Selection
3rd icon - Save as New
4th icon - Delete
5th icon - Set as Default

Finally we decided not to use the word ‘Profile’ (although we liked it), as in the future this word will be probably used for another function/feature.

  1. Remove the “Save to Model” icon. When a profile is selected from the drop down list, immediately have those settings displayed in the checkboxes.

At the moment, we cannot remove it. However, we will consider it for future version. CR # 46 198.

Current behaviour:

  1. I select e.g. OTP3 from the Selection box. To load its settings, I have to click Load Selection.
  2. I make changes and would like to rewrite OTP1 with these settings. So, I select OTP1 from the Selection box and click button Save Selection. OTP1 will be rewritten.
    -> This is how it works now. If the settings were loaded as soon as I selected the OTP from the box, its settings would be loaded automatically and the OTP1 couldn’t be overwritten.
    Anyway, we will consider your suggestion and possibly will improve the Save As option for this case.

Dilllie-O, thanks very much again.

Have a nice day.

Vladka + TDM Team
OTPs_Description.pdf (83.8 KB)


Looks good guys! I’ll make sure to check it out when the next beta release comes out. I’m glad I can be of assistance! Keep up the great work!


Just a quick update:

A flash movie on this issue is available. Please see: