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Three Versions and their differences


In the About-box (help --> about Quest Code Tester for Oracle) it statement that there will be three versions of this GREAT tool:

One commercial version
One trial version
One free version

What is the difference between the versions? What will the license-fee be?


The commercial version will go on sale early next year and will feature all of the functionality you see in the product now, plus:

  • Reports
  • Quick Build Test Cases
  • More robust Test Data Groups
  • Formal Quest Technical Support
  • And much more!

The trial version will have all of the commercial functionality but be limited to our standard trial period of time.

The freeware version will contain a subset of functionality. This subset and the license pricing scheme will both be announced when the product is officially released. This community of course will be the first to hear.


Thank you for clearing that up. We’ll wait and see…


I would be happy to speak to anyone regarding pricing and freeware feature delineation for Code Tester. Now’s the time to speak up if you have any strong feelings :slight_smile:

phone: US 919 650 4501


I don’t have any real strong feelings about the pricing or the licensing. I was merely curious about the differences between the three versions mentioned.
Using QCTO for the last couple of weeks has convinced me of the strengths of it, no one needs to convince me otherwise. Most of the time is convincing the manager to purchase licenses for tools to use. They are the ones who needs to be convinced. But that is a different discussion altogether.


My question is about Pricing and bundling:

  1. Will the Code Tester ever be integrated into TOAD?
  2. Does the Code Tester offer direct integration into cvs for version control?
  3. How will updates be handled? Will users have to buy a whole new version to get some of the upcoming features Stephen F has been talking about?


Hi Stephen, thanks for your questions.

1)Pricing - it already is. You can buy Code Tester now at a significant
discount if bundled with Toad. You can go here to learn more about
In terms of integration, that is being worked on right now and we hope
to have something for in the extreme near future. This and the Toad
community at Yahoo! Is the best place to let us know what you think
those integration points should be.
2)Direct, no. For now you can back up your test cases to file and then
you could use CVS for versioning.
3)Just like any of our other Quest products. While current on
maintenance, upgrades are free. You pay for the product once, and then
stay current on maintence.

Jeff Smith
Product Manager, Quest Code Tester for Oracle