TIC Run Times

We have many automated jobs set up in TIC. When we look at the script manager in Toad Data Point (or for that matter, when we look at the jobs on the server in TIC), we can see that the jobs completed normally and the last duration time. Our assumption is that the last duration time shows the total elapsed time that the job took to complete, and that the task is finished upon completion. However, the administrators of our IBM iSeries database servers are seeing run times that extend way beyond what we see on our end.

For example, one particular job was scheduled for 5:00 am this morning. According to the script manager, it completed normally as scheduled and the last duration is listed at “00:00:37”, so I would assume that the entire job took 37 seconds to complete. However, our database administrators are saying that this job is still running several hours later. The database administrators are seeing similar differences on all of our automated jobs.

Is there anything that could still be happening on these jobs after they are shown as complete?

We are currently using TDP 4.0.1 and TIC on the server where TIC is installed.

Hi Jraguse,

  1. The duration time is correct for total elapsed time.

  2. Your DB admin said the job is still running several hours later, I think your admin should find the client connection of the automated jobs still connect to the DB, is it right ? would you please also confirm with your admin that is these connection active or sleep ?