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when i share reports or diagram from Toad Data Point to Toad intelligence central

when user use web browser to connect to Toad intelligence central, if he didn’t have Toad data point or toad installed on his machine, How he will view reports, diagram, visulaize,…from TIC

With Toad Data Point you can share files through Toad Intelligence Central - if these files are Toad Data Point files (like visual query builder files, diagram files, etc) then they are meant to be useful to other Toad Data Point users who can bring them into their own tdp environments. If the files are more generic, like excel spreadsheets, SQL files, etc., then they may be of value for users who do not have Toad Data Point (or who are using other Toad products).

In addition to sharing files (which is a feature of the free Community Edition of Toad Intelligence Central) the commercial edition of Toad Intelligence Central allows Toad Data Point users to publish data to Toad Intelligence Central – as either static datasets which can be refreshed from automation, automatically refreshing snapshots or real-time data views. When sharing data, data consumers can log into the Toad Intelligence Central web interface and download the data directly into csv format - making it easy to share final datasets with end-users without having to push out email attachments, etc.

Let meknow if this answers your question or if you have others on Toad Intelligence Central!