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Timeout Occurred


In the code explorer (Inside the editor window) I tried to compile a package that I think went invalid while someone was using it. So it became locked. When I attempted to compile in that window, the cursor went busy and I never got a “timeout occurred” error (I wont swear I waited long enough, but I did wait quite awhile). Also normally when I compile like that I can continue to use editors, I can’t do any database activity until the timeout, but I didn’t stay busy the whole time. It did in this case…

Later that same day… Had the compile take a long time again and this time the timeout did occur…

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I’ve been trying to reproduce this issue. I have 2 versions of NAV open in the same machine. (I logged on with different users ofcos) In the 5.5 one, I checked out a package. I then went back to 6 and opened the same package, the package was marked as logged and was readonly. I was able to compile in both DB Exlporer (in the toolbox) and via the compile icon on the toolbar.

I came back to the 5.5 one and make changes to the package and saved it. Went back to 6.0 again and recompiled it > it displayed error and didnt hang or anything.

I tested this in a small package so it might make a difference.

Could you please let me know if my steps are correct? Any information would be appreciated.



Best I can tell you is create a package:

create or replace package test as
procedure do_nothing;

create or replace package body test as
procedure do_nothing is
a number := 0;
while a < 1000000000 loop
a := a + 1;
end loop;

Ok, now in 1 session run this package, then immediately in another session change
a := a+1; to a := a + 1.1;
apply changes to db (while the other one is running, I actually brought up the package made the change went and ran the other then came back and immediately hit the apply changes). Now the time out does occur (GOOD), but the cursor staying busy not a huge problem, but would be nice to be able to continue editing or saving in case the session has to be killed.

Hope this helps…


Roman will fix it so that you can still do other stuff while its timeout just like 5.5.