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Timings when Using Virtual Indexes vs Timings when creating Actual Indexes.


Hello All,

I’ve been optimizing MS SQL Code and getting some fabulous timing increases.

  • where does the Toad Optimizer store the virtual indexes.

  • When I rerun the optimizer same session creating actual indexes the timings drop dramatically to the original timing.

  • Where does the Toad optimizer store these indexes or does it actually change my database as I would expect.

  • Also, running in MS SQL Server 2005 and have settings set for Ansi-92 join syntax.

  • Microsoft does not support the ‘OPTIONS’ clause in views. Anyone have a solution?

Would appreciate any assistance. Getting beat up because no one is seeing timing increases.




Thanks for posting your message to our forum.

Are you talking about that the time required to create virtual index is much more longer than creating the acutal index? Would you please describe a little bit more details about the steps you took that got the timing increases.