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TMD Beta - Caption must stay with FK relationship when a table ent


Ref: TMD Beta - Caption must stay with FK relationship when a table entity is moved.

As previously requested when you move a Table entity around in an ER Diagram all the established FK relationship entities and their associated captions must stay with the FK link. Currently the Captions will get Orphaned and there is no easy method of moving a Table entity to a another location without losing this information. Therefore a move caption here command must be issued because the captions are disjoined.

Hank Freeman
att1.dat (21.2 KB)


Hi Hank,

I understand your problem, however let me explain again:

  • captions stay with the rel. line - they are anchored to the middle of the line by default. This works until you move the caption manually where you need - e.g. next to the table.
    In this case, before you move the table, please do select the captions (use SHIFT) and then move the table - the captions will not get lost but preserve the position to the table.

So, once again, solution for this problem is: Select the table, press SHIFT and click the captions one by one. Then move the table.

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team


Thanks for the instructions on this issue.

Hank Freeman