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To run test case in isolation without frontend for automated testing

Can i run the test cases generated by code tester without the help of front end .
I mean by just running the test case from the sql prompt.


You can run your tests from any environment in which you can execute a PL/SQL block.

When you run a test through the PL/SQL API, you can also provide an list of unit test and test case guids that you want to run (or exclude from running).

For more information, check out the Help document:

How do I…Run tests from a script?


thanks a lot i found the solution …i had created a small procedure which when executed from pl/sql prompt which pick the test case and will run it and show the result…thanks a lot…it made my life easier…


I have created test cases for a Procedure inside one Package and when i try to run it in the back end using qu_test.run_test_for() procedure passing the name and other parameters, then it is throwing the error “Program cannot e found”…but when i try to run this for the Stand alone procedure which is not inside a package, then some result is coming…So, how to run the test cases if the procedure/function is inside the Package?..What name should be given for the “NAME_IN” parameter.

Is the procedure that you are trying to test in the package specification? If it is private, you cannot test it. But I assume that it is in the spec since you built a test definition…so…please post the block of code you wrote and we will be able to help you more quickly.