Toad 10.6 connection method with Oracle


I’m hoping someone can help me with a question.

I need to know what method Toad 10.6 uses to connect to Oracle. Does it call the oci.dll directly or does it use an oledb layor like oo40? The reason I’m asking is that we have exibited a very strange bug between our Windows clients and our Oracle 10g (RAC clusrtered) database when using ref cursors returned from packaged stored procedure calls. The ref cursor return is sometimes empty even though there is data in the database.

The bug is intermitent and difficult to replicate.

We have been able to replicate it using our I know!) Oracle clients using
oo40 and also using an 11g client with Toad. But we cannot reproduce the bug calling the procedure from within an SQLNet session. As SQLNet accesses Oracle directly through the oci.dll library I’m assuming there is an API layor between TOAD and the oci?

Thanks in advance