Toad 11 Error

Just got the following error. I was trying to close an alter trigger window that
I had inadvertently opened. Seems that I can continue.

EurekaLog 6.0.25


My copy of the Eureka log to the Email seems to have been lost. Did anyone receive it?

I received it but I’m not able to reproduce the problem.

Is it repeatable on your end? Does it happen with any trigger?


It is repeatable on my end on the triggers I have tried. While the alter trigger window tries to fill in, I click on the x to close repeatedly. I am on the trigger tab and double click on a trigger, which opens the alter trigger window.


Yeah that’s what I was trying, I guess I just wasn’t fast enough! So
if you wait for it to finish, and then close it, all is well?

This should be fixed in today’s beta.