Toad 12.9 tnsname.ora with tabs show squares on login page


On login page, tab TNS, databases shows squares (for tabs in the tnsname.ora file) and so “ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name”.

I have to manually remove the squares to connect.
The Database Select list is removing spaces [chr(32)] but not tabs [chr(9)] before the equal sign

example :

Base1 =(description=(address_list=…

I’m pretty sure - around 90% - that tabs are not allowed in a valid Tnsnames.ora file. They are one of many forbidden ones, like most unicode characters and those others with an ascii code less than 32 (space).

I’m not 100% certain of the tab character though, I’m well away from the docs, and my Tnsnames.ora validator program which you can find on somewhere.

I wrote it a while back while suffering from a corrupt Tnsnames.ora which looked ok. It turned out to have unicode invisible characters in it due to someone copying and pasting from a Word document. This prevented some aliases from working, as you have found!



Norm. [ TeamT ].

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Thanks Norm.

I don’t know if it’s not allowed (it’s working on all Oracle products we have). I will remove the tabs from my tnsnames.ora

But what I was describing also is that the connection to the database is working fine if I remove the squares from the selected list.

The behavior of the select list is different from the tnsname search.

Select List : keep Tabs (shown as squares) and passes them to the “tnsname search”

The “Tnsname search” seems to search removing Tabs, so does not find the select list parameter.

I can connect in SQL*Plus if there are trailing tabs, but not leading tabs: So…

ORCL = … Works.

ORCL = … Does not work

I can fix Toad so the first works, at least.