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Toad 5.0 - first observations


#1 crucial - I cannot close application :wink: [only by killing processes]

#2 new version does not imported connections and so on from previous one.

#3. When I’ve tried to save NEW project, in filename I got this:

Toad.5.Save As.png

a. it should be a project name
b. by default it should be current location



Thanks for your input. One of the overall goals of this new feature is to make the use of working with toad Data Point simple. Many of the advanced features are not used and clutter up the space. Workflow is trying to take just the few items that are used the most and stream them together passing the result sets from one module to another. We will be shutting down some of the other features. Project Manager will be one of them because the workflow saves all of its associated files altogether.

Toad Data Point can still be used in it’s normal manner from the other shortcut, The Workflow shortcut is for a simplified version of Toad Data Point.


We work on new Beta where it is fixed.