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Toad 5.8 Beta - Restore Database - Destination - Backup Path button


Toad 5.8 Beta - Restore Database - Destination - Backup Path button is not working for me. Clicking the button does not seem to do anything.

In my example, my .bak file is located in a specific path.

I went to the detination tab, entered a “To database” name.
Clicked the Backup Path button.

Expected result: that Restore As filename paths would update to the backup file’s location.
Actual result: Nothing happened.



Hello Darren,
I’m sorry for the delay with answer, just got to this post.

From your question I do see that your excepted behavior is different from designed. By pressing Backup Path button Toad reads DB location stored IN backup file rather than Destination DB, SQL Server defaults OR backup’s file location (as you expected).
We consider that backup file locates mostly in different place of data files and there is no need to fill in this location to Restore As fields.

But, if you still think we have to support your original case - let’s try to discuss it.

I’ve submitted defect id to reflect this more clear in Help topic. Probably we can adjust button label to be more clear. Do you have any ideas on how it can sound according to my explanation?



I was under the impression that the Backup Path button / option was added as a result of one of my feature requests. The feature request was under the context of a developer or support desk or person who took a copy of production data and is trying to restore a database on a physically different server.

The intent was to override the backup paths that were contained IN the .bak file (which are very likely invalid on the destination server) with the current physical location of the .bak file.

Scenario: Production Server has .mdf on Drive D:\SQLData, .ldf on Drive E:\SQLLogs
.bak file is created.

On the Development computer:
User copies the .bak to their C:\SQLData folder. (They have no D drive, no E drive)
In Toad, user goes to restore that database. Toad automatically loads the backup paths from IN the data file – which on this computer are useless.

Objective: Reduce/eliminate the time the developer / tech has to spend manually editing the paths of each file to some location that actually does exist on his machine by clicking one button: BackupFilePath – to just use the path where the user has placed the .bak file.

It is VERY RARE for us to EVER use the restore Database Option from within Toad on the actual production servers.

It is EXTREMELY COMMON for us to use the restore database option on development computers, support computers, etc. The whole point of the button is to make the restore process faster on machines where those original paths do not exist.