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Toad 6.7 Bug

When attempting to use Schema compare between our Production and Test/Dev environments the Schema Compare tool indicates that it is unable to compare stored procedures, functions, and views. The selected objects show “Can’t script encrypted object…”. When going into that environment, in Toad, and clicking “View Details” any of those objects can be scripted via the “Script” tab. Also, we don’t use encryption. Bad error message?

We resolved this issue ourselves. There is a permission that needed added by our DBA in order to view the definitions. I would recommend identifying this scenario versus using a blank statement of “It must be encrypted” and displaying to users accordingly. I’ll have Mark reply back here with the specific permission which caused this error message to appear.

SR Number:2697960 from January 12, 2015:

I used the schema comparison feature in SQL Server Data Tools within SSMS and it clearly identified the issue in an error message. It said that VIEW DEFINITION needed to be granted. So the Toad issue is that the error message is misleading. I ran GRANT VIEW ANY DEFINITION TO the appropriate login and everything works fine now in both SSDT and Toad.