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Toad 6 not handling deleted .mdf/.ldf files - not able to see any databases


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Mount one or more databases.
  2. Stop SQL Services.
  3. Physically delete from the OS one of the databases.
  4. Start SQL Services.
  5. Open Toad. Expand Databases node.

Instead of seeing the mounted databases and some kind of indicator beside those that are deleted Toad displays SQL Server Database Error.

Although there is a + icon to the left of this error, clicking it does nothing.


  • Should still be able to see / interact with those databases that are not deleted.
  • Should be able to right-click those that are deleted and delete / drop them as you can in SSMS.


Hi Darren,
I replicated this issue, but on my side as 6th step I pressed F5 to refresh the list. I got dbs list with marking that my test db has ‘Integrity is Suspect’ ststus. I was able todelete this DB with using Toad.

More over, want to add that I got the described error only once. After this I’m getting correct DB list and all lloks fine.

Seems to be a specific SS behavior on first attemt to return the db list.