Toad Beta - Send To Code Analysis for TYPES

When you right-click a package, procedure or function in the Toad schema browser, a choice for "Send to Code Analysis" appears on the context menu.

The "Send to Code Analysis" option is not displayed when you right-right on a TYPE definition or TYPE BODY in the Toad schema browser.

This is a matter of convenience and consistency. (As an alternative, you can send a TYPE BODY to code analysis by using the code analysis toolbar button)

OK, this will be in the next beta.

In the Schema Browser the Toad for Oracle beta, the Send To Code Analysis option appears when you right click a TYPE or TYPE BODY for an "object type". It works great.

When you right-click a collection type, the Send Code Analysis option is not there.

Yeah, I left it off for collections - they don’t have any code, right? Is there a reason to send those to Code Analysis?

Yes, I agree. It should be left off for collections.