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Toad BETA --> Menu looks Ugly when No Model is open... Plz Fix


Ref: Toad BETA --> Menu looks Ugly when No Model is open… Plz Fix

When you close a model in TDM - BETA and the current release the Menu bar looks like incomplete and therefore Ugly.

I would suggest that you show the full bar and Disable the menu items because the model is closed.

It is fully understood that everything is enabled when a model is opened, it is just in the best interest of new users, marketing and those demo-ing the product that the menu not look incomplete…

See Attached word document

Hank Freeman

Toad BETA - Menu looks Ugly when No Model is open.doc (199 KB)


Hello Hank,

Thanks for your suggestion.
Yes, it does not look well - therefore when you open TDM for the first time, sample model Videorental opens automatically. If you close this model and do not want the menu to look like this, please do not close the model you are working on when you close TDM.

You suggest to show the full bar, just disable the items. Well, there are many bars in TDM - which one to display? There are different options for PER model, for LER model, for metamodel, more icons for Expert mode on… So, imagine the toolbar with all this plus many options disabled (depending on the active model)…
I think you wouldn’t like it.


Vladka + TDM Team


To: Vladka + TDM Team

Yes, you are making a valid point… Therefore, under further investigation all you need to do here is diable Views and Edit ToolBar

When all models are closed the only menu bar item still enabled is Application and that is correct…

This is a simple fix and should be part of the NEXT BETA drop and part of the future product release.

Hank Freeman


Hi Hank,

O.K. We will leave only the toolbar Application enabled when all models are closed in TDM. Thanks for your ideas!

CR # 61 781.


Vladka + TDM Team