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Toad Data Modeler BETA Released



I’m pleased to inform you that Toad Data Modeler BETA has been released.
The new BETA brings great new enhancements and lots of bug fixes.


  • Object Arrangement on the Workspace (arranging objects on the Workspace in different layers)
  • DDL Script Generation of Permissions - new checkbox “Generate Permissions Only to Object Types Selected on Tab What to Generate”
  • Infer Relationship sample macro available also for selected entities
  • Alter Script Generation - new page Generator Settings
  • GUI - Full Screen Mode is available in the View menu (F11)
  • Oracle, DDL Script Generation - new checkboxes for Entities and Materialized Views: Physical Properties and Table Properties, Materialized View Properties.

Resolved Issues

  • Possibility to select/clear NotNull property for PK and AK attributes
  • List of application variables displays also text properties you can use for the particular object.
  • Model Update, Model Merge - Possibility to perform bulk selection/deselection of particular OTP
  • other bug fixes.


The Release Notes PDF document with details is available at:

BETA Download

Download the new Beta from:

The Beta requires that you are running a commercial or trial copy of Toad Data Modeler. You need to have a valid license key for the commercial or trial copy of Toad Data Modeler to be able to run the BETA.
To get a license key, please contact the Quest Sales team at: Thank you.

BETA expires on 20 September 2010.
There are no feature limitations in the BETA.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! We’re looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:


Vladka & TDM Team