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Toad Data Modeler BETA released!


Hi All,

The new BETA is available for download now bringing you several new features and enhancements.

  • Support for DB2 v.10.5 (LUW).

  • New Model Actions window available for all Synchronization options, management of saved settings and execution of saved settings or new actions.

  • Synchronization options buttons available on the application toolbar.

  • Alter Script generation- Use Temporary Tables options are now available for Oracle Databases in Settings and in generator.

  • New Filter bar added in

    • Model Explorer- and also object group dialogs
    • Category Properties.
  • Indexes to Foreign Keys generation- Manage generation of indexes to FKs in the Relationship Properties dialog (see options in Settings | Options | Model Physical Model).

Any feedback especially on the new features is appreciated!

Thank you!

Lukas & TDM Team


Hi All,

Expiration date for this BETA is October 12, 2014! Initially distributed Release Notes Revision 1 included wrong date of July 12, 2014. Currently distributed Release Notes Revision 2 include the correct expiration date already.

Thank you,