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Toad Data Modeler BETA Released


Hi everybody,

I’m pleased to announce new release of Toad Data Modeler BETA 5.2.3!

Except for a couple of bug fixes, this BETA release brings lots of improvements and changes in GUI. I’m sure you already noticed some of them in previous Beta, e.g. new lines…
Nevertheless, let me announce them officialy and point your attention to them. [:)]

Here’s a brief list of enhancements:

  • Export, Import Microsoft Excel - Export/Import feature is available for active data model and the resulting XLSX file includes individual worksheets for Entities, Attributes, Relationships and Data Types for the model. There, you can add comments and notes and modify or specify other properties. The modified Excel file can be imported back to Toad Data Modeler.

To export your model:
Select File | Export | Export to Excel…

To import the data back to Toad Data Modeler:
Select File | Import | Import from Excel…

  • New Relationship Lines Management System
    Lines are right-angled only. You can move them and their parts as you need (vertically and horizontally). Anchor points are no longer fixed on entity boxes but you can alter them as you need (column to column alignment is possible now). You can add handle points (press CTRL) and this way you can select parts of line you need to delete or move.

  • Snap to Objects - automatic align among objects on the workspace.
    When you move an object on the workspace (e.g. entity or relationship line), a light blue line will display and you will be able to align the object to other objects in ERD easily.
    The Snap to Objects option is on by default - see the new icon on the toolbar or Settings | Options | Graphics. There, you can turn this function off. To turn it off for a particular moment while working in your ERD, press and hold ALT Key.

  • Import and Export Settings defined in the Options dialog - This option allows you to import/export the settings (particularly helpful for already defined paths) e.g. for side by side installation of TDM or to/from TDM on another PC. Also, you can restore the default settings easily. See the new buttons in the Options dialog.

  • Possibility to hide Not Null and Key Marks (Object Format dialog | Entity tab)

  • Go to Parent, Go to Child right-click options for relationships

  • Button Add Workspace beside Tabs

  • Possibility to close X every workspace

So, do not hesitate to explore and test these new great features. We can’t wait for your feedback and other suggestions (even those that might appear to be unimportant or little).
Happy modeling with TDM! :slight_smile:

Vladka and TDM Team


Hi ,

thanks for very new version, very good job done. I have some thoughts about new Excel export function:

  1. Column Schema is empty even if all entities in model had schema defined.

  2. In “Attributes” sheet there are data types and domains mixed in one column, this should be separated. Also domain maybe might have own sheet with domain definition list.

  3. In “Relationship” sheet there is missing columns on which is relationship created.



Hi Tomas,

thanks. We are glad you like the new version. We created new change requests to the items you suggested.

  1. TDM-146

  2. TDM-150

  3. TDM-147 - nice suggestion

Thanks again,



Just got Toad Modeler a few days back, happy beta is actively worked on and noticed few other feature that demonstrates attention to details and help ‘big time’ despite their simplicity i.e. ability to hide PK/FK and Not Null indicators that ate up unnecessary space on ER diagram, and small things like having the M side of the 1-M relationship be on-top of the entity shadow not below it …etc. A few things I’d love to see after 1 day using the product and beta:

  1. My 5.1 original now doesn’t work and I get a can’t read OLE registry error. Both are installed in totally different directory and not sharing any project.

  2. Auto layout logic seems sometimes working the other-way around i.e. I get the leaf nodes on top or left then parents down or right. Should provide bi-directional layout.

  3. Entering attributes can benefit from much improvement: have a goal of once the first name of first column is entered, we can tab in ‘EDIT’ mode to the next field without having the press F2 or Long Click to edit type, precision …etc… So default is edit mode, and enter read mode on pressing enter, not the otherway around.

  4. Provide an option to check if new updates are available.

  5. Can you please support precision on Varchar in Postgres i.e. varchar(x) instead of the available varchar. Now we have to use the super lengthy novel :slight_smile: of varying character (x) which eats up a lot of space, and varchar(x) is perfectly supported by Postgres.

Keep the good work, and please let us know when are you planning to release the Beta into an official update? Seems taking a pretty long time…





The issue is caused by the fact TDM uses system COM object which is registered upon start of TDM. So, when you start a new TDM version installed side-by-side with your original TDM installation, the COM object must be re-registered and to do this, you must run TDM.exe as Administrator. Then, if you want to run the other TDM installation, you must run it again using Run as Administrator on its executable.

  1. and 3. Thanks for your ideas. Please feel free to post them to our Idea Pond and let other users to comment on your suggestions.

  2. Please check out the following: Settings | Options | General | checkbox Check for Updates on Startup.

  3. The data type you look for is supported in TDM, however is called Character varying(x).

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks again.


Vladka + TDM Team

  1. Export : Relationship keys ( constituting attributes) are must have in export , not sure how without that the model can be rebuilt by means of export and import.

  2. In model view level - the relationship view should also have option to show/hide underlying attributes on relationship line. this would be helpful . just highlighting them with mouse curser is not enough , specially when they are being exported to pics , its hard to figure out which attribute is making this relationship (where there are many F/P Keys)


Hello there,

TDM is able to to import excel files that have been previously exported, provided that user hasn’t violated the model consistency, which would probably result in an error during import. While it is possible to add and edit objects and properties in excel, it is recommended to use exported excel file primarily for adding/editing of notes/comments and use TDM itself for any other modifications of your model.

As for your idea, please put it in the Idea Pond, I can see other users seeing such option as useful. If enough users vote for this idea, it might get implemented.