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Toad Data Point 3.3 is now available!


We’re pleased to announce Toad Data Point 3.3 is available for download.

Links to Toad Data Point 3.3 Trial and the Upgrade can also be found here:

Latest documentation including the release notes can be found here:

Please check this blog post for more information:

Thanks to all of you for your support and continuing participation in the Toad Data Point community.

TDP Development Team



Thank you very much for the news.

Could you please tell me when we shall see the next beta version coming with new improvements?

I have paid a 2 year maintenance subscription (including access to new versions) and expect to have a little more than what was just released in version 3.3 (even though I like the new features).

I am especially waiting for auto replace enhancements.

Thank you for any information you could provide.


Alexandre DOLIQUE.