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Toad Data Point 5.0 Beta Program


The Toad Data Point 5.0 beta program is now open.

Toad Data Point is a multi-platform database tool built for anyone that needs to query databases and report on the results. You can easily access data from practically any database platform and quickly produce reports.

Quest’s beta programs are your opportunity to participate in the development, direction, and quality assurance testing of our products. By becoming a beta tester you have direct access to the development team and product management.

Instructions for joining the BETA program

  • Review Beta Release Notes
  • Read the Beta Agreement. Downloading the Beta constitutes usage agreement.
  • Download the installer zip below and run the installation exe file. Do not install Toad Beta into your commercial Toad folder, if it exists.
  • Post your feedback by creating a Reply to this forum topic. Remember your feedback counts!

Download Beta
Beta Version:

What’s New?

Included in this Beta is a new feature called Workflow. This is such a large feature that we changed the version from 4.5 to 5.0. This new feature is undergoing changes but you are welcome to try and supply feedback.

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Download link to .387 beta doesn’t work…

Got error msg:

Operation could not be completed within the specified time. RequestId:54ce5546-201e-00c9-3d50-459f3a000000 Time:2018-09-05T19:42:54.0579318Z



can you please try it again? There should be some problem on our server but I have no issue with downloading now.



yep. Works now. Thanks !


Trying .387 and I have experienced lately a few unexpected crashes, w/o the usual dialog listing the runtime errors and prompting to save work.
This happened last when retrieving query result in the editor - app just closes down without any message. Luckily restarting keeps the unsaved scripts (to recover).

Any option to enable logging/debugging so I can send a log dump ?


No answer ? Using .421 still crashes with no message.


You can enable logging by running Toad with /log=“All” command line parameter. After that you should create support bundle (Help|Support Bundle). Support bundle will include debug logging.

Thank you


TDP connect Mysql 5.7.23 show error:
“Table ‘performance_schema.session_variables’ doesn’t exist”

TDP Version: Toad Data Point Beta (64 bit)


Can you download and try this in the latest Beta ( Download Beta ?


Still have the same error, My mysql is on Redhat, please try the installer here


Beta Version: install expired. Is there new ver?


I am looking as well. I don’t want to have to go back to 4.3, as 5.0 does everything I need.


Hi, checking to see when a new release is scheduled for Toad Data Point. 4.3 is buggy and was release in January of 2017. I also submit that 2 years is too long between releases. Thanks!