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Toad Data Point Beta is now available!


Both an updated 32-bit and an updated 64-bit installers are available on the TDP Community website:

Reminder: A 64-bit installer is for use ONLY on systems that already have a 64-bit IBM client. All other environments should use the 32-bit installer.

The latest list of fixes and enhancements can be found in the Release Notes:

TDP Development Team


Hi Igor -

Please consider posting an SHA-1 checksum with your downloads.

I’ve downloaded the twice in the last week and am unable to extract the compressed file. I’ve tried the built-in zip handler of WinXP SP3 Windows Explorer and also 7-zip 9.22.

The SHA1 checksum on the downloaded file is c1842325d1074f9ceda5e697519d437c0185dccd.

Please check and correct your posted file.


  • Mike


We’re planning to publish SHA1 hash starting next beta. As for the current 1089 zip - I always download installer and install TDP before announcing the next beta availability. 1089 was installed just fine. To make sure zip was not corrupted on the server, I downloaded, unzipped and started installation right now. No problem again.

As usual, I zipped 1089 with WinZip 9.0 SR-1 (build 6224) with maximum (portable) compression.



I finally managed to get a good file downloaded via an outside network connection. The file size on all downloaded files is 222,212,256 bytes.

The SHA-1 checksum on the good file is


Right, both SHA-1 and size are valid. Good to hear you were able to successfully download 1089 beta.