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Toad Data Point Beta (32 bit) - Job Manager does not work


I’m currently running Toad Data Point (32 bit) and after upgrading to Windows 10 - Creators Edition the Job Manager fails and I cannot schedule any tasks.

I saw a suggest to upgrade to the Beta to see if it fixes my problem. I’ve installed Toad Data Point Beta (32 bit) and that does not fix the error.

This is the error I receive when attempting to “Schedule” a “Automation”.

Exception: (1,1306):WnfStateChangeTrigger:

I’ve also tried changing to Task Scheduler 1.0 and that fails also.


I worked with the Toad team and we loaded Toad Data Point Beta and enabled Task Scheduler 1.0 in the Options and it seemed to work so far.


This just worked for me too, 4.3 and enabled the Task Scheduler 1.0


Click on Tools—> OptionsJob Manager --> Advanced and check Use Task Scheduler 1.0