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Toad Data Point Beta 4.5 Cannot use the automation module when saving passwords is disabled

what criteria the following message is based on “Cannot use the automation module when saving passwords is disabled.”? Is it based on having a connection with a saved password or windows allowance for using the credential manager?

Thank you

There is a new option in the installer. You can install the build and enforce all connections to disallow saving the password. However, in this case you will not be allows to build automation scripts.

Automation scripts are meant to scheduled and run at a later time. To do this the script needs to log on when you are not there. So if you don't set your connection to save the password it will not run when scheduled. Your connection must save the password and is a requirement of automation.

Debbie - Is there a way to reenable the Save password if it doesnt allow you to select the radio button to Save password? Do we need to reinstall the Version?

The fastest way is to reinstall with that save password feature turned on from the installer. We have a bug in this area awhile back and I notice you are posting on the Beta forum. We are no longer updating the Betas so download the latest GA version which is 5.0.7. This issue is fixed in this build.