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Toad Data Point Beta is now available


The latest Toad Data Point Beta is available on the TDA Community website:

The latest list of fixes and enhancements can be found in the Release Notes:


TDP Development Team


Feedback: I am really optimistic about the Workflow feature. It solves a number of problems for our office’s most common use cases that have been hindering Toad adoption up to this point. In my testing so far it is intuitive and works as expected.

Bugs: When opening a saved workflow file, I am prompted to log on to the database connection (Oracle) twice. I only need to complete one of the log in dialogues, however, and can cancel the other and the connection still opens.

Confusing “Save as” behavior: You cannot select this option if you have selected any part of the workflow that is not at the top of the hierarchy. If you have selected the top item in the workflow, it wants to save that portion only (e.g., save query builder as .tsm). Only if you have first clicked on the workflow title does it allow you to save the entire workflow as .twf.


Glad you like the new workflow feature. We have made quite a few changes that are not in the Beta. We hope to have them in a Beta next week. I would like to review your comments in the newer code base.