Toad Data Report Accessible Description doesn't seem to work

I set the value for "Accessible Description" on a header box. Saved; ran the job and emailed the PDF report. Brought up the PDF in Adobe and I do not see the accessible description that I set. Have I done this correctly? Is there any documentation anywhere on accessibility settings in TDP? It doesn't appear in the Toad DataPoint 6.1.2 User Guide at all.

Hey John,

Would be good to have some context, John. Where are you setting the value for "Accessible Description"? From the wording in your post, I'm guessing that you're working on developing a report via the DevExpress Report Writer OEM'd into TDP.

If that's the case, then...

  1. Yeah, you won't find anything in our TDP Tech Docs, since the Accessible Description entity is tied to DevExpress.
  2. It sounds like the Accessible Description field/property is there to support accessibility compliance, and if so, won't show up in the report output.

If my guesses are correct, you might find the link below useful in learning more about how the field is used. Hope this helps.

Thank you, Gary. Yes, in DevExpress Report Writer. I select an object in the Report Header, and on the left-side there is the "Properties", "Data", and then there is a field for "AccessibleDescription".

I'll dive into the link you sent. Thank you.