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Toad DB health check through automation Designer


In previsous version of Toad for Oracle (12.1) i designed a task for HealthCheck on several Databases. The first time to check an Database the task asked for the password for the user.
After giving the password on several databases the task is running well. When i change the password on one of the databases the task is prompting for the correct password (ofcourse, i changed it) i give the correct password and the task is running futher. Also when i scheduled the task its running well and also when i change a users password the task is running, but doesn't give me info on the database where the password from the user has been changed.

Now in the version the same task (scheduled) failed. The task stopped and isn't running futher at the point where the password has been changed for the user.

Is there a solution or another way to let the task be running also if the password from a user is wrong.

Let me see if I understand.

In 13.2, you have a DB Health Check action that runs on several databases. If the PW has changed on one of the databases, the Health check stops when it gets to that database. But you'd like it to give a message "couldn't connect to ____" and continue.

If I got that right, I'll investigate. It sounds like a bug, or at least inconvenient.

I'm not sure of a workaround offhand but I'll check and get back to you.

Hi JohnDorlon,

your right, and i see also in Toad 13.2 the connections are established firts by connecting to all the databases, after conecting to all the databases the checks are running. Previous versions are connecting to one database and the check was running and then the next connections to a database and then the check runnings. etc.....

gr. Jan

Both problems will be fixed in the next beta.