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Toad DB2 beta v6.5.0.70 posted

We just posted the Toad DB2 v6.5 Beta

That beta drop contains several fixes and extends the beta expiration into December, 2017.
This installer now has a new option that can prohibit users from saving their connection profile passwords.
Please try out this new drop and let us know what you think.

You can download this new beta at:

I really like this new option. I love typing passwords!


We realize that the new option to prohibit storing passwords is not for everyone.

Several security conscious customers have requested that option as they have tight security policies that do not allow users to save any passwords for any applications on their Windows machines.

That install option can be pushed out with a silent install option to force uses to have that option enabled.

Hope all is going well - we will have to catch up soon.

Hi Jeff,

What’s next, another Beta or are you releasing the verson?

Shimon J/

The v6.5 version of Toad DB2 was generally available in December 2017.

You can download a trial at:

You can download the freeware installer at:

You can get the commercial version from

We should be starting our v6.6 Toad DB2 beta program around March.