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Toad DB2 v6.2 - New Features - part 2

With our v6.2.0.44 beta drop that was posted on November 4. 2015 we continue to roll out new features including:

DB2 LUW Dashboard

The Dashboard is a new feature that allows you to easily obtain a high-level view the the activity and health of your LUW databases.

Once connected to a DB2 LUW Database, the Dashboard can be opened (or created) via the Dashboard button on the main toolbar:


Chose 'New' to create your first Dashboard.

A new Dashboard will be prepopulated with "widgets". A widget is a control that displays specific database level information.

Toad provides several widgets including those that display:

  • Connection\Application Information

  • Invalid Objects

  • Buffer Pool Hit Ratios

  • Non-Enforced Constraints

  • Database Space Allocation

  • The number of SQL statement executions

  • IBM pureScale Member Information

A screen shot of a Dashboard with several widgets follows:

You can remove any widget by clicking the 'X' in the top-right corner of the widget.

You can add a widget by clicking the '+' control on the top of the dashboard:

The click on the Widget(s) you want to add and click the 'Add' button shown above on the bottom.

On the Non-Enforced Constraints Dashboard you can click on the Schema name to see the constraints for that schema and the use right-click menues to take actions on those objects:


Toad gives you the ability to create you own custom SQL widget:


Once the custom widget is on your dashboard you can edit it via clicking on the settings button shown below:


You can select one of several modes and enter your custom SQL:

The widget will then display on your dashboard:


New Database Map Enhancements:

Toad now allows you to select\filter specific object types that will be loaded on the Database Map. This allows you to omit object types that are not important to you.

To specify the objects filters go to: Tools | Options | Database Map | Types then check and un-check the 'Enabled' check-boxes**:**

For DB2 z/OS we have added support for the latest "Generated as" Table syntax.

In the Table Editor you can specify the latest expressions:

Those latest values are now reflected throughout Toad such as in generated scripts and the columns tab:

Please test out these new features and let us know what you think!

As always you can view the beta release notes to see all the new changes and fixes at: