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Toad for Data Analysts Beta is now available on Toad World


The Toad for Data Analysts 2.7 Beta program is now open! This release will
include enhancements to Automation, Import/Export and the Query Builder as well
as targeting bug fixes.

The first 2.7 beta build is available at: http://www.toadworl
ToadforDataAnaly sts/tabid/ 186/Default. aspx

Please check the beta release notes for the list of fixes and enhancements as
they become available:

http://www.toadsoft .com/tda/ ToadforDataAnaly stsRNBeta. htm

If you are new to the beta program, we’d like to welcome you and encourage
you interact directly with the development team if you need help or have
suggestions on how we can make things easier for you. For those of you returning
to the beta program, we thank you for your continued participation and support.

Alan Bala

Quest Software Inc.

Development Team Lead