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Toad for DB2 Beta


The Toad for DB2 Beta Program is under way.

As of December 3 2018 - drop - is available.
This drop contains fixes and enhancements.

Quest’s beta programs are your opportunity to participate in the development, direction, and quality assurance testing of our products. By becoming a beta tester you have direct access to the development team and product management.


  • Read the Beta Test Agreement. Downloading the Beta constitutes usage agreement.
  • Download the installer zip below and run the installation exe file.
    Do not install the Toad Beta into your commercial Toad folder, if it exists.
  • Review Beta Release Notes
  • Post your feedback by posting a Reply to this forum topic. Remember your feedback counts!

We have modified our version number from 6.6 to 7.0
If you have a beta version 6.6 installed - you must uninstall it prior to installing the 7.0 beta


Download Beta
Build (32-bit and 64-bit) - updated December 3, 2018

Automation compare deactivate summary report
New Toad DB2 v6.6 Beta Drop - - has posted


Hi Jeff,
I downloaded the Beta about two weeks ago. It is a pretty nice advance as far as useablity is concerned.
I use automation files extensively, to record and save data before updating any record. As the TAS files are not backward compatible, any change that I make needs to be done on the previous version.

Is there any solution to that?

Shimon J.


I forwarded your question to our automation expert and this is her reply:

We will never support backward compatibility. Only forward compatibility.

If a user needs to retrieve his old tas file he can go to app data dir\Automation\bak and there will be a copy of the old file before converting.

C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for DB2 6.x\Automation\bak


I’ll give it a try, as usual.

Shimon J.

P.S. I used to get a mail when a new version was posted. I didn’t this time. Maybe it’s because you just updated the post and didn’t post another thread.


I don’t mean to be nit-picky, but the release notes for this version should be updated.
It says that the system requirements are:
.NET 4.5.1 .
The actual requirements are 4.7.1.


Thanks we will make a note of that and change it in our future release.

New Toad DB2 v6.6 Beta Drop - - has posted
New Toad DB2 v6.6 beta Drop has posted
The Toad for DB2 v6.6 Beta Program has begun


Will give it a try.
Shimon J.


I have a suggestion to improve the compare feature of Toad. I use it mainly for Reference Tables across different schemas.
It would be great if there would be an option to have the result of a compare ( or as a stand alone option) create Merge into statements for every row in the table.
We had some of our experts write up such a script. I am willing to share them with you, if that would be any help.

The idea is that even if I need to update some reference table across many schemas, I would’nt have to do a compare on each, just run the update / insert scripts for X rows.
Shimon M.

New Toad DB2 Beta Drop has posted

The new feature “Toad now allows users to specify their own custom connection string …” does not work for me.
Whenever I try to type in the properties for sslConnection and sslTrustStoreLocation, I get the error: “Connection string is not valid.”

What can I do?

Thanks in advance!


Please email me your connection string so we can take a look at it: