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Toad for DB2 v5.6.2356 -- Custom Filter Popup on Result Set Doesn't Sort Date Columns Correctly


When using the custom filter button for a date column on a result set in the Editor the popup display does not sort date values in chronological order but instead sorts data values in textual order.


Currently sorts as 11/1/2013, 11/11/2013, 11/2/2013. Should sort as 11/1/2013, 11/2/2013, 11/11/2013.


Hi Richard,

The popup for basic filters treats non-built-in data types as strings.




Hi Adam, hopefully we are talking about the same thing. I just checked this feature in 5.2 and it works fine. The filter button I refer to is the symbol in the upper right corner of any column header in the result set. The data type for the column with the issue is a date data type.



Sorry Richard I didn’t test far back enough. You’re exactly right. Date values used to be sorted in date order and they’re not any more.

Thanks for reporting this and sticking with it. I appreciate it.



I opened issue TDB-234 with development to track the resolution of this problem.


Thanks Adam.


Edit: In the post header changed build from 2256 to 2356.