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Toad for DB2 z/os crashes while loading the "Database Map" for a table

It looks like Toad is crashing when trying to retrieve package information. Can we have a object type selection under the “Options/Database Map” where we can pick and chose what object type will be retrieved/loaded. We surely don’t need to see packages dependency visually on the map.

Hi Yvan,

Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately, we were unable to reproduce any issue with loading z/OS tables into database map. The dependencies to packages are working for us. Can you try to specify which version of DB2 on z/OS are you using? The best solution would be to send some piece of DDL that would lead to your issue. If you do not want to post it here, you can send it to my mailbox:

You can set the visibility of database objects directly in the map after your map is loaded:


When you will uncheck packages here, they will immediately disappear from the map, but they are still loaded in background just in case you might want to pull them back. Usually when you set the visibility filter, it is useful to Re-layout the map to save some space and see database objects more user friendly. You can do that by right clicking on database surface to get the context menu and choose Re-layout action there.


The object type visibility filter presets like you are describing might be handy, but they are not available at the moment, please use Idea Pond and we will get to your request later.