Toad for HANA

Hello Experts -

I wanted to know if Toad for HANA 3.2 supports multi tenant architecture of HANA databases.

As we already know that from HANA 2.0 multi-tenancy is a mandate.

Awaiting replies. Thank you.



Yes, we support multi tenant Hana databases. See connect dialog.

What are the requirements to connect to a specific tenant? I can connect to system database, but when trying to connect to tenant, I get a timeout error. Are there any ports or config that needs to be done ? BTW, if logged into the Linux box, using hdbsql, I can connect to either system or tenanat databases.

what's the port number? Currently you can only set instance number in Toad, which is only a part of the whole port number. We have TMB-1951 open for this.
Which version of HANA do you use?

We are using HANA 2.0. Using TOAD, where can I set that? Because I've tried.


Currently you can only set instance number: