Toad for IBM DB2 6.0 User Interface set-up

I would have to say I like the new features for Toad for IBM 6.0. However, when I installed it, I cannot get the look and feel of the UI as I had in 5.6.1 as everything had to be re-setup. . It’s been a long time I set up the User Interface and they always carried forward with new installs. The documents are no help. Is there a video or user document that will walk me through the set-up or a way I can copy the settings from 5.6.1?

The attached document will show you how to get your Toad DB2 v6.0 back to looking like v5.6.

Hope that helps.

ToadDB2Setup.docx (339 KB)

Thanks a lot! The instructions were very easy to use and the settings are now to where I am used to.