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Toad for IBM DB2 v5.6 is now Generally Available

We are pleased to announce the release of Toad for IBM DB2 v5.6. This new version is now available for customers to download at SupportLink and for trial download at and

This new release contains some new enhancements for both the LUW and Z/OS editions of Toad for DB2. Most notably is the inclusion of our SQL Optimizer for IBM DB2 for z/OS (Xpert and Dev Suite).

Other enhancements include:

Toad for IBM DB2 LUW v5.6:

  • Added support for IBM DB2 LUW v10.5

  • New Members right-hand-side tab displays pureScale member information

  • Ability to specify a Key Expression when an index is created or altered

  • Null Keys can be specified when creating or altering indexes

  • Support for ORGANIZE BY COLUMN\ROW clauses for tables

  • Improved Table Editor making it easier to work with columns
    Toad for IBM DB2 z/OS v5.6:

  • Added support for IBM DB2 z/OS v11.1

  • Integration of SQL Optimizer (available in Xpert Edition, Development Suite and DBA Suite)

  • Support for Compatibility mode and ENF mode

  • Supports new z/OS 11.1 statement ALTER table DROP COLUMN clause

  • Ability to Add Storage to support PCT FREE FOR UPDATE clause statement in z/OS 11

  • Improved Table Editor making it easier to work with columns
    A full list of new enhancements and resolved issued can be found in the release notes