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Toad for Oracle 14.1 Beta

We are proud to announce the launch of Toad for Oracle v14.1 beta . We want to encourage you to participate in this beta program to help us to deliver a high quality product. Quest’s beta programs are your opportunity to participate in the development, direction, and testing of our products. By becoming a beta tester you have direct access to the development team and product management.

Instructions for joining the BETA program:

  • The Beta requires that you are running the current commercial copy of Toad for Oracle (Non-Subscription). If you are not running v14.0 you need to go here.

  • Read the Beta Agreement. Downloading the Beta code constitutes usage agreement.

  • IMPORTANT: Do not install Toad Beta into your commercial Toad folder or the previous beta folder, if it exists.

  • Installation: If you have Toad 14.0 Beta installed or any other previous beta, we recommend uninstalling the previous Beta(s) before installing the Toad 14.1 Beta.

Which Beta version to download?

If you have a 32-bit Oracle client currently installed in a 32-bit or 64-bit environment:

If you have a 64-bit Oracle client currently installed in a 64-bit environment:

See comments below for change log.

Beta Released (
Beta Released (
Beta Released (
Access violation at address 00000000046DB240 in 'Toad.exe' (Toad for Oracle Xpert v
TOAD_FILE_CHUNK split issue (tfo v13.1.0.78)
Export Dataset -> Display all results in grid -> Default Value not saved
Export dataset multiple queries
Toad for Oracle Version 14.0
Toad for Oracle appears an alert with ORA-29275: partial multibyte character when i execute session browser feature on Toad for Oracle.
Toad for Oracle New Unit Testing Capability Available in Beta
BUG: data editing fat fingered bummer
AV on Explain Plan using Threaded query session
Old BUG: Table Rebuilder removes INTEGER numeric type
How to display the actual execution plan of the last executed query using dbms_xplan.display_cursor?
Export dataset with XMLTYPE column
ORA-01775: looping chain of synonyms with TOAD_PLAN_TABLE
Schema Compare doesn't generate script for table diffs
Nested Table Edit always shows one row
Object Palette does not conform to Windows Display setting for High Contrast
Object compare jumps pages
AutoConnect doesn't work on TOAD 13.2
Schema compare default collation difference
Unable to edit dataset of query in Editor
Naming Excel sheets when Exporting data from SQL Queries
Automatic update fails
SQL-Error when comparing a single object
Access violation at address 00000000041A44AB in module 'Toad.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Toad 13.3 session browser does not work properly on RAC
Batch file for Toad
Toad 13.3 session browser does not work properly on RAC
Toad Editor behaviour copy paste ctrl chars
Tooltips in TOAD appear black
Error ORA-01741 when editing table (F4)
Beta Released (
Access violation 041A3E6C, TOAD shuts down
Displaying cached execution plan in "tree display" without inactive steps for adaptive plans
Beta Released (
Problems with Toad 14.0 crashing
Problems with Toad 14.0 crashing
Displaying cached execution plan in "tree display" without inactive steps for adaptive plans
Highlight hangs up Toad
Beta Released (
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Beta Released (
Expired 15.0.23.x?
Beta Released (
Toad getting ORA-22053
Highlight hangs up Toad
Beta Released (
Problems with Toad 14.0 crashing
Problems with Toad 14.0 crashing
Beta Released (14.1.73)
Beta Released (
Beta Released (14.1.57)
Lockout with Oracle saved workspaces
Importing connection and passwords from 12.8 to 14.0
Problems with Toad 14.0 crashing
Toad For Oracle 14.0 High sys utilization & crashing when idle
Beta Released (14.1.84)
Search Results - Chinese (?) characters in Results grid
Beta Released (14.1.96)
Running a build script - API Guard Error Function 5308
Beta Released (14.1.108)
Pasting from Vim into the editor
Beta Released (14.1.114)
Toad connection time when instance is down
Export dataset multiple queries
Opening files with existing /*<TOAD_FILE_CHUNK>*/
Toad 13.1.0 Schema Browser RHS shows wrong object
Java compile F9 ORA-24344: success with compilation error
Bug in New toad version compare to very old version
Toad for Oracle blocked by VPN
VARCHAR2 values not DESC correctly in Toad
VARCHAR2 values not DESC correctly in Toad
Toad showing incorrect TEMP tablespace / datafile size
Comparing schemas: list indexes with table creation scripts
Toad for Oracle New Unit Testing Capability Available in Beta

Toad Beta Change Log

Version, 1-Mar-2021
Bug Fixes

  • Describe - Blank describe window left open if object not found due to lack of privs
  • Schema Browser - Access Violation if drop package from local subprogram node
  • TNS Error Dialog - Added message for unsupported client on Windows 7

Version, 15-Feb-2021
Bug Fixes

  • Editor - Code Insight hang/errors fixed

Version, 15-Feb-2021
Bug Fixes

  • Code Analysis - Example code not always showing flagged rules in options
  • Connections - Access Violation on End Connection if grid in dialog is filtered
  • Editor - CTRL+P is shortcut for print even if you change it to something else
  • Editor - Can't close Editor if connection lost during debugging
  • Generate Schema Script - Filtering incorrect when filtering by triggers and views
  • HTML Schema Docs - Long object names not supported
  • HTML Schema Docs - Exclusion file missing line feeds
  • HTML Schema Docs - "Is Referenced By" should be "References" in output
  • Schema Browser - Missing information on objects with object_id greater than 2147483648
  • Schema Browser - Sequence Cache Size listed under "Increment By" in object listing
  • Schema Browser - Column Listing: Team Coding columns missing
  • Schema Browser - Access Violation in Packages on right-arrow key and nothing selected
  • Schema Browser - Error if memory sorting enabled, then "create insert for selected rows"
  • Startup - Document Recovery window can be slow with large files

Version, 8-Feb-2021
Bug Fixes

  • Analyze Objects - Error if attempt to close window while it is busy
  • Code Analysis: Rule 6405: Dramatic performance increase
  • Code Analysis: Rule 6405: Variables declared at top of package body yielding false positives.
  • Create Trigger - Template error in create trigger window
  • Database Browser - Incorrect Drag/Drop behavior with list of databases
  • Editor - Toad freeze/"not responding" if selected text is collapsed by code folding
  • Schema Browser - Error if attempt to close window during refresh
  • Syntax Parser: parsing of EXTRACT function with conditional compilation directives produced false syntax errors
  • Syntax Parser: Keyword ILM used as a as table reference alias was not parsed.
  • Syntax Parser: FETCH FIRST inside a WHERE EXISTS query was not parsed.
  • Syntax Parser: Query with inline external table: parse error on table alias
  • Syntax Parser: The COLLATE clause was not always supported in SELECT and DDL statements

Version, 1-Feb-2021
Bug Fixes

  • Actions - Access Violation after internal action vault trims off old actions
  • Alter Table Dialog - Access Violation on OK, then Cancel
  • AWR Browser - Bad data and error in "Overall Phys Reads and Writes" chart
  • Data Grid - Error thrown if invalid values in grid filter
  • Data Import - Import from clipboard, List Index Out of Bounds error
  • Editor - Access Violation after attempt to add breakpoint where on a non-breakpoint line
  • Editor - SQL running in wrong connection
  • Explain Plan - Corrupt user settings files caused crash
  • Explain Plan - INST_ID Invalid Identifier in RAC (Beta only)
  • Object Search - Wrong popup menu items in some cases
  • Object Search - Not able to search for partition name
  • Schema Browser - Package Body w/o spec caused errors in treeview mode
  • Schema Browser - Tables, Data tab - Toad crashed on UNDEFINED datatype
  • Schema Browser - Tablespaces - Error thrown on "Recover Tablespace"
  • Script Generation - Job Class scripts missing some values for logging level
  • SDI Mode - CTRL+Tab, CTRL+Shift+Tab not always working to toggle between Toad windows
  • SQLNet Editor - Error thrown if comments present after numeric field value
  • Team Coding - VCS Errors shown in wrong error dialog
  • Team Coding - SVN Config "Cannot focus disabled or invisible window" error
  • Team Coding - Prompt for checkin of wrong object on editor close

Version, 18-Jan-2021
Bug Fixes

  • Data grids - Error on CTRL+Insert with no active connection
  • Data grids - Odd behavior in nested table popup dialog
  • Data grids - Double-clicking in multiple Editor grids caused errors, lockup
  • Editor - Describe through DB Link picking wrong schema
  • Editor - Prompting twice if edited files deleted externally
  • Master-Detail Browser - Error after cancelled "add detail"
  • Misc windows - Invalid output folders not handled gracefully
  • Project Manager - Error on CTRL+Click in empty space
  • Schema Browser - "Argument out of range" error on referential tab
  • Schema Browser - Error on CTRL-Click in SB-Favorites-Package RHS
  • Schema Browser - Treeview, Refresh all not returning to prior selected object
  • Script Runner - Can't set variables on declaration line


  • Editor - Code Insight now uses main DB session (optional)

Version, 11-Jan-2021
Bug Fixes

  • Data grids - Unable to edit grid data when schema contains dot
  • Editor - Query result showing junk data after literals
  • Export Dataset - Export to Excel broke pivot tables in existing file

Version, 4-Jan-2021
Bug Fixes

  • Automation Designer - Selection/Paste problems
  • BFile viewer - Opens only once
  • Editor - Prompting for reconnect on shutdown
  • Editor - Not backing up files after recovery
  • Editor - Error if run script on disconnected session
  • SQLNet Editor - Not closing on ESC
  • Connection Export/Import - "Include passwords" not always enabled


  • Data Compare - Allow data comparison to be controlled manually
  • Editor - Added option for ORA_NCHAR_LITERAL_REPLACE
  • Schema Browser - Tablespaces, space tab, added autoextend info
  • Session Browser - Added tolerance for missing fields from V$SESSION

Version, 14-Dec-2020
Bug Fixes

  • Alter Datafile - Backspace key not working in Size field
  • Connections - Password box sometimes disabled on export/import connections
  • Export DDL - "Add to refresh group" option not remembered
  • Object Palette - Display messed up if window sized too small
  • Single Object Compare - Multiselect broken and final ')' missing

Version, 7-Dec-2020
Bug Fixes

  • Connections - Toad was sometimes prompting for reconnect when connection ending
  • Create Constraint - Wrong SQL if adding constraint to view.
  • Data Grids - Insert cancelled after invalid date value entered
  • Data Import - Can't run from Automation Designer w/o GUI after showing properties
  • Dialog Boxes - Sometimes appear on wrong monitor
  • Export Dataset - Null fields excluded in delimited text format in some cases
  • PL/SQL Template Files - Access Violation if file settings wrong
  • Query Builder - Data grid edit errors not handled well
  • Rebuild Multiple Objects - Access Violation when closing quickly after cancel
  • Schema Browser - Invalid Objects not refreshed after compile in treeview mode
  • SQL Optimizer - Possible error if comma as decimal separatator
  • Team Coding Manager - Keyboard navigation not enabling toolbar buttons
  • TNSNames, SQLNet, LDAP Editors - Nicer error now displayed if file cannot be saved


  • Data Import - Can now resume after lost connection
  • Data Grids - "Huge" text removed from BLOB/CLOB caption, "Null" text added
  • Options - Toad now verifies that Temp folder is accessible

Version, 23-Nov-2020
Bug Fixes

  • ADDM Report: Error - '' is not a valid floating point integer
  • Alter Datafile: Can't enter decimal values for datafile size
  • Automation Designer: Errors running apps that quickly connect and disconnect
  • Connections: Misc errors when no Oracle client installed
  • Connections: Misc errors when SESSIONS_PER_USER=1 in profile.
  • Copy Table Data: Occasional errors when opening
  • Data Grids: Pasting into read-only grid yielded error
  • Data Grids: Slow performance of "create insert for selected rows"
  • Editor: Always saves files as ANSI after splitting file
  • Editor: Reconnect prompt not always shown after connection lost
  • QSR: EXTERNAL connection not allowed
  • Sensitive Data: Actions not saved properly
  • Session Browser: RAC not detected on 10g
  • Tablespaces: Fast double-clicking (to alter tablespace) caused error
  • Team Coding: Can't navigate LHS of the TC Config screen with keyboard


  • Data Grids: Single Column Export now available in Automation Designer

Version, 16-Nov-2020
Bug Fixes

  • Alter Table - Generate Data should not be visible with base Toad key

Version Version (later changed to 14.1), 09-Nov-2020
Bug Fixes

  • Alter Table: External table props are read-only
  • Connection Bar: Lost connection icon not showing in some cases
  • Connections: 64 bit now able to connect with DynaTrace installed
  • Data Grid: AV if connection lost while editing data or scrolling grid
  • Data Grid: INTEGER or SMALLINT in user-defined types causing crash
  • Data Import: Bad data was causing crash (instead of "nice" error)
  • Editor: Connection gets out of sync switching connections after connection lost
  • Editor: Occasional hangs while using spacebar to replace selected text
  • Editor: Poor performance with large file and Sensitive Data Awareness enabled
  • Editor: Script Grid numbers got skipped by empty result sets
  • Editor: Toad hangs temporarily if "Run as Script" and then cancel
  • HTML DB Doc Generator: Roles excluding granted object privileges
  • Login window: Custom fields missing from grid after changing view style
  • Popup Text Editor: Closes immediately if opened on last row in grid
  • QSR: Favorite Folders not being retained after restart
  • Query Builder: error during import of DML files from older Toad version
  • Rebuild Table: If table has foregin key constraint, [NO]Validate was excluded.
  • Rename Datafile: Can't rename datafile in non-Enterprise edition 12c and newer
  • Schema Browser: Alter CDB Resource Plan not working correctly
  • Schema Browser: Duplicate Row in grid now working if table has identity column
  • Schema Compare: Byte/Char differences not always highlighted in side-by-side viewer
  • Set Role/Edition: Not following settings when role/edition cannot be set
  • Single Object Compare: Roles excluding granted object privileges
  • Team Coding Manager: Blank if not pinned before connecting to database
  • Text Compare: Access violation if closed while it is comparing
  • Toad: Z-order problems from Login and Describe windows
  • VCS Debug Viewer: Error with custom time formats
  • VCS: Materialized Views don't get versioned in the VCS when recreated


  • Connection Colors: Now visible under "Window" menu
  • Connection Error Dialog: now checks for an invalid OraAccess.XML
  • Data Compare: Column names can now be manually mapped when they don't match
  • Explain Plan: Adaptive Plans now supported in tree mode
  • Session Browser: Added CLIENT_DRIVER columns
  • Workspaces: All connections are now made before any windows are opened. Loading of workspace continues after failed login.

Version, 1-Mar-2021
This one only offers up Repair, not Install. It never updates the patch level.

The new file is definitely up there, but I saw the same problem as you. The old one is getting cached somewhere. I was able to get around it by downloading from Toad World rather than using the auto-update in Toad.

We've added some parameters on the file in Toad World with will hopefully prevent this.

I'm going to delete your message and mine later today or tomorrow. I like to keep this thread clean. I tried to lock it but for some reason it doesn't lock.