Toad for Oracle 17.0 Beta

We are pleased to announce the Toad for Oracle v17.0 beta

We encourage you to participate in the beta program to help us deliver a high quality product. This is your opportunity to participate in the development, direction, and testing of Toad for Oracle. By becoming a beta tester you will have direct access to the development team and product management via the Toad World forum.

Instructions for joining the Beta program:

  • Read the Beta Agreement. Downloading the Beta code constitutes usage agreement.

  • Install Toad for Oracle version 16.3 (Non-subscription) and run it at least once. Do not uninstall 16.3 before installing the beta. The beta does not work without the most recent GA version also installed.

  • IMPORTANT: Do not install Toad Beta into your commercial Toad folder. Just accept the default folders when installing the beta.

Which version?

If you have a 32-bit Oracle client currently installed in a 32-bit or 64-bit environment:

If you have a 64-bit Oracle client currently installed in a 64-bit environment:

Beta Expiration

Each beta expires after 4 weeks, but new versions with later expiration dates are released often, typically on Mondays. An indicator will appear on Toad's status bar when a new version is available. Click it to download and install the update (No need to remove the old beta first, just install the new one on top of it). It's very easy. In this way you can continue to use the beta until the next version of Toad is officially released. We encourage you to stay up-to-date with the most recent beta version.

A change log is below


Toad Beta Change Log


  • Oracle clients: 12cR2 and 18c are the recommended client versions.
    • 19c and 21c will work, but are not recommended due to memory leaks with LOBs, as well as hangs when cancelling queries against 11gR2 servers.
    • 12cR1 and older clients don't handle XMLTYPE natively.
    • Toad's no-client option works well, and is a bit faster than using a client, but it has a few limitations such as Tracing/logging, proxy connections, and TCPS. However, LDAP, TNSNames.ora, Oracle Encryption and Data Integrity are all supported in no-client mode. This post has a good discussion about it. Uncheck the "Use Oracle Client" box on the login window to try it.

Toad Beta 17.0.101, Released 05-June-2023

Bug Fixes

  • Docked Panels: An undocked, floating panel can go behind Toad after switching to another app and back
  • Login window: Selected/Focused row not in sync in tabbed display style
  • Schema Browser: Data tab Filter/Sort dialog - "Columns" dropdown not wide enough


  • Editor: Added option in script output to sync currently selected grid with SQL in script, and vice versa
  • Editor: Added an optional mini-navigator panel at the top of the edit area
  • Logging: Added enhanced logging for internet activity
  • Generate Schema Script: New option to include schema in object file names
  • Single Record Viewer: Added ability to copy column name and value to clipboard

Toad Beta 17.0.91, Released 30-May-2023

Bug Fixes

  • Grid Sort Dialog: Fixed tab order
  • Session Browser: Statistics and Processes tab not loading (beta only bug)
  • Workspaces - Minimized window position lost after multiple saves


  • Connection Bar Button: Added "Frequently Used Windows" right-click option
  • Schema Browser: Added separate icons for Session and Transactional Global Temporary Tables
  • Session Browser: "Filter" dropdown and funnel icon consolidated into one, and moved so it is nearer to "Limit" controls.
  • Oracle 23c: Added support for new DEFAULT ON NULL options
  • Oracle 23c: Added support for domains
  • Oracle 23c: Added support for annotations
  • Window Bar Button: Rearranged items for a cleaner and more useful look

Toad Beta 17.0.77, Released 22-May-2023

Bug Fixes

  • Add Column dialog: Column names were limited to 30 characters
  • Automation Designer: Script action fails if output path contains variables
  • Export DDL: Semicolon missing when exporting views with "query only" option
  • Schema Browser: Tablespace's RHS Objects tab not displaying grid
  • TSR: Added missing color themes
  • Window Menu: Minimized windows always restored as maximized
  • Window Menu: Minimized Editor tabs not restored


  • Connections: If logged in as a common user with the SET CONTAINER privilege, you can now right-click on connection bar button to change to a different pluggable/container
  • Editor: Added a summary page to "Export all grids to Excel"
  • Oracle 23c: Added support for JSON Relational Duality Views

Toad Beta 17.0.64, Released 15-May-2023

Bug Fixes

  • Export DDL: Incorrect script for encrypted tablespaces
  • Report Designer: F1 not downloading Fast Reports user manual
  • Schema Browser: Double clicking on trigger errors not finding the errors in source tab
  • Schema Browser: Dragging multiple objects from Favorites only including one object
  • Subscription: Access violation after update


  • Oracle 23c: Added support for PRECHECK keyword on constraints

Toad Beta 17.0.56, Released 8-May-2023

Bug Fixes

  • Toad's internal beta updater wasn't updating
  • Connection Error dialog: Fixed incorrect advice on "no listener" error
  • Schema Browser: Load Trigger Into Editor ignored Editor's Schema Name options
  • Schema Browser: Save Procedure/Function defaulted to wrong extension in save dialog
  • Workspaces: Removed artifact on mainform when workspace toolbar hidden
  • Workspaces: Not able to toggle Workspace toolbar's visibility


  • Connection Error dialog: Added suggestion to verify installation of MS Visual Studio redistributable if using instant client
  • Object Search: Now remembers settings per-connection
  • Object Search: Now remembers settings when launched from Export DDL
  • Oracle 23c: Added support for boolean datatypes
  • Oracle 23c: Added support for "create if not exists"
  • Oracle 23c: Added support for "drop if exists"
  • Oracle 23c: Added support for schema privileges
  • Schema Browser: Added "Copy script to Editor" in SB-Tables-Triggers

Toad Beta 17.0.41, Released 1-May-2023

Bug Fixes

  • ADDM Report: Text cut off in "drop baseline" dialog
  • Analyze Table: Table not being auto-selected when window launched from Schema Browser
  • Export Dataset: DBLink containing a dot was confusing schema auto-detect
  • Import Table Data: Not continuing to import after error with array DML
  • Schema Browser: SQL error displaying Scheduler job run log on Oracle version 10.1
  • Session Browser: Open Cursors subtab changes selected row in parent grid.
  • Workspaces: Position of minimized windows was lost
  • Workspaces: Unicode data was lost
  • Workspaces: Dropdown doesn't support incremental search
  • Workspaces: Changes in Editor contents lost if loaded object from DB


  • Editor: Added option to trim whitespace when saving files
  • Object Search: Now remembers settings per-connection
  • Workspaces: Can now be specified from command line like "Toad.exe -workspace X" where X is workspace name. Put X in double-quotes if it contains spaces.

Toad Beta 17.0.18, Released 17-Apr-2023

Bug Fixes

  • Alter Datafile: "UNLIMITED" appears in SQL after other edits
  • Editor: Profiler data generated by Code Tester not summarized
  • Editor: Script Execution moves caret to the wrong location after execution
  • Editor: Toolbar AV while customizing
  • Login Window: Grid grouping changes after deletion
  • Export DDL: Scheduler Job script with unnamed arguments produces SQL error
  • Generate Schema Script: Tablespace inmemory and compression options ignored
  • Schema Browser: Can't rename favorites folder
  • Schema Browser: Single Row of tabs mode - Right/Left arrows not shown in Windows 11
  • Window Bar: Not sorting correctly when connection bar also sorted


  • Schema Browser: Added ability to pin quick filters
  • Session Browser: Added "Kill Session" button to Locks tab.
  • Session Browser: Added status column to Locks tab
  • Options: Got rid of DBA page. Moved those options out to their respective windows
  • Workspaces: Combined buttons into one dropdown to save space on the toolbar

The change log for Toad version 16.3 is here